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Fence Pre-Installation

Amazing Fence Company representative is available for Pre-Installation services such as:

• Assistance in the selection of style and design.

• Working with you and/or your landscaper/architect/designer to define the scope, schedule and budget for the project.

• Advising and participating in various approvals such as neighborhood or condominium association review, etc.

• Each town has different laws regarding fence permitting and dimensions. While it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure compliance with local inspectional permitting and dimension restrictions, Amazing Fence Company representative would be happy to help you identify your local requirements or obtain necessary permits.


We encourage you to inform your neighbors about the project, and responding to any of their concerns. Reassure your neighbors of your tasteful intentions and the solid reputation of your installer. Most abutters will appreciate being included. By simply letting them know you can positively influence their view of your project from their side of the fence. If your intention is largely, or in part, to gain privacy, your neighbors will be gaining privacy as well. So show them a picture of the fence style and the plans you've chosen. Even direct them to our website.